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The Autumn 2009 issue brings flash fiction, both sweet and spooky, from Heather Anastasiu and C.R. Tarpey; a few seasonal selections for Halloween from Michael Dennis McDermott, C. Rommial Butler and Moira Moody; humor from J. David Bell and Bonnie Yarry and thought-provoking short stories from Patrick W. Gallagher, Alexis Morgan and prize-winning author, D.E. Fredd.

Autumn artists include abstracts from Randy Thurman and Delbert Michel; sinister renderings (just in time for Halloween) courtesy of Aunia Kahn, Brad Kendall and Jesus Garza Jones; and heart-warming sketches from Jessica McKelvin.

Our narrative nonfiction selections are bittersweet and include work from Libby Cudmore, Ashlie Crabtree and Danielle Davis.

Poetry contributions include pieces from Suejin Suh, Isaac Baker, Heather Calomese, and Rebecca van Laer. Selections include witty verse from iDrew and Phoebe Wilcox. This issue's haiku courtesy of Joan McNerney and Michael Chacko Daniels. Amye Archer, Molly Gaudry and Katarina Boudreaux are also among this issue's poets, as well as Jess C Scott and novelist Magdalena Ball. Andrea DeAngelis, of indie rock band MAKAR, contributes her poignant verse.

The Battered Suitcase also continues our series of interviews with musicians. This issue, Musician and lyricist Kieran Leonard talks to The Suitcase about music and activism, his literary influences and why he prefers performance to publication. The September Suitcase also features an interview with Steve Parsons, lyricist, poet and frontman of Jupiter Crash, who talks about his work both onstage and on paper and offers a sample of his richly rhythmic verse.


More News Under the Cut... Collapse )


More News Under the Cut... Collapse )

April 2009 Issue Now Live!


The new issue is up, and it's a good one.

Short stories from Steve Danzis, Liz Hall, Robert Aquino Dollesin, Carter Meland, Amy Corbin, G. K. Wuori, Jennifer Lynn Alessi, Gary Moshimer, Whitney Porter, Polly Tuckett, and Steve Paul Watson.

Art by Melissa Salzman, Lino Mocerino and Theodosius Ng

Narrative NonF by Stephanie Reese Masson

Poetry from Noor Brara, J.D. Di Lella, Melissa  Hansen, Heather Cadenhead, John Grey, Suzanne Savickas, The Satire Guy, Jonathan Jay Taylor, James H Duncan and Brad Johnson

SPECIAL GUEST:  Interview with and poetry from author Clint Catalyst.

Live now:  http://www.vagabondagepress.com

Call For Submissions


We have reopened submissions for the charity anthology "CRAZY DAYS: an expression of depression" until March 31, 2009.

We are seeking work from writers, poets, lyricists and artists who have themselves dealt with mental health problems in their lives; clinical depression, bipolar disorder, BPD, etc.

The purpose of the anthology is to provide a frank, deglamourized snapshot of how mental health disorders affect our lives as both artists and as human beings. Proceeds from sales of the anthology will be donated to the MIND charity in the United Kingdom for their support programs. A similar charity in the United States may also be chosen at a later time.

We are looking for poetry, lyrics and art, and are particularly interested in short prose pieces of less than 2000 words for publication.

Please see our call for submissions page for this project.

Fawn Neun

The March issue of The Battered Suitcase is now live and can be found at http://www. vagabondagepress. com

Or click on the cover picture to visit.

This month's issue features some fun sci-fi/fantasy and a couple of spoons of horror.

Contributing authors include a reappearance in our pages from Loretta Sylvestre and D. Krauss.

Also featured are Tala Bar, Alison Beth Brown, Margaret Karmazin, Gil A Waters, Emily Kissell, Jenny Love, James W. Morris, Linda Ann Strang, Caroline Misner and Jamie Marriage.

Short-shorts from musician Ilan Moskowitz, Robert Scotellaro and Jason Stout.

Some amazing digital art from Jeff Gucken, David Holzhausen and Neo.

More news to follow - in the meantime, check out the latest issue!

Halloween Issue Live

The October issue of The Battered Suitcase is now live at:


A downloadable PDF of the mag will be made available on October 4th.

Thanks for your support!

Happy Haunting.

Fawn Neun
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